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Presseschlagzeile: Optical Disc Corporation and Nimbus Technology and Engineering have joined forces
Verffentlicht am: 08/04/2005
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Kategorie: Companies
Beschreibung: ODC, which has been a leader in dye-polymer based DRAW (Direct Read After Write) mastering, acquired Nimbus Technology and Engineering from Unaxis Ltd. in September 2004. Nimbus has been a leader and technology innovator in the photoresist mastering method and the establishment of new formats like DVD.

As a result of the acquisition, the combined company will be conducting business with a new name, ODC Nimbus. The primary objective of ODC Nimbus will be the introduction of a mastering system for the next generation of high-density optical disc products (Blu-ray Disc / HD-DVD). Through ODC Nimbus' three global offices, ODC Nimbus will also be responsible for the support of all ODC customers as well as all Nimbus offline and Pi equipment.

ODC Nimbus now has the benefit of an unmatched combination of technologies, products, staff and a doubling of its installed customer base. With more combined experience than any other mastering equipment company in the world, ODC Nimbus will continue to be at the forefront of innovative mastering technologies.
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