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Presseschlagzeile: STEAG HamaTech to unveil hi-def DVD making tools at Media-Tech
Verffentlicht am: 03/15/2005
Verffentlicht durch:
Kategorie: Optical Disc Mfg.
Beschreibung: STEAG HamaTech, global provider of advanced optical media manufacturing technology, will be focusing on future formats at the Media-Tech Expo show in Las Vegas, May 10-12.

A highlight of the STEAG HamaTech booth will be the new PEGASUS DVD in-line system, which makes its global debut in Las Vegas and will be manufacturing HD DVD media live on the show floor.

“The whole theme of the exhibition is up-to-date technology and information on both HD-DVD and Blu-ray,” says CEO Dr Stefan Reineck, “and we will be following through on this topic with demonstrations and technical presentations. We see the biggest challenge of these new formats, in relation to the equipment manufacturers, as the need to prepare for both HD-DVD and BD, and to offer our customers options that can be modified for either format. Manufacturing lines also need to be suitable for mass-market production. We believe that PEGASUS addresses all these issues.”

The PEGASUS system, based on a modular design, has been designed with high-end DVD, as well as HD-DVD and Blu-ray in mind, agrees Ullrich Speer, General Manager Pre-recorded Media Equipment. “This is the most economical inline system worldwide for the production of pre-recorded DVDs. It produces the most discs per square meter, as well as offering the shortest cycle times, highest yields, and lowest downtime.

“The need to be able to accommodate both of the next-generation media requires a huge amount of R&D. At STEAG HamaTech, one-third of our employees are involved in R&D and they have put their vast combined experience into making PEGASUS perfect for economical and advanced DVD production, with an eye to the future as well.”

The new system will also form the cornerstone of a workshop, ‘Cost-Effective and Efficient DVD Production’, to be given by Ullrich Speer, on Wednesday, May 11 at 11.15 AM.

In addition to the demonstration of this latest pre-recorded DVD and future-format technology, STEAG HamaTech will also be providing information on its solutions for 16x and Dual Layer DVD-R production.
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