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Presseschlagzeile: STEAG HamaTech launches new CD line DELOS
Verffentlicht am: 08/04/2005
Verffentlicht durch:
Kategorie: Optical Disc Mfg.
Beschreibung: STEAG HamaTech has announced the launch of its latest product DELOS – a system for the manufacture of pre-recorded CDs which will help replicators to increase profitability via superior productivity and minimum footprint.

“This introduction for CD equipment will close the only gap in our product portfolio,” says Ullrich Speer, General Manager Pre-recorded Media Equipment. “While there will not be dramatic growth in the CD sector, we do expect the demand to continue for at least another two to three years. With our easy-to-use, cost-effective DELOS CD line, we are confident of increasing our market share.”

DELOS has been designed with the special needs of the CD replacement market in mind: it has a small footprint (1.4 square metres) and is compatible with all standard injection moulding machines. Cycle times, depending on the injection moulding machine, are as low as under three seconds; with yields of more than 95% and possible outputs of more than 26,000 units per day. It is equipped to produce both standard CDs and 80mm discs.

“These features are important to replicators who still have a demand from their customers for CD, but who have to keep their costs at a minimum and productivity at the best possible levels,” says Ullrich Speer.

“The DELOS is extremely reliable, with minimal downtime. The low cost is combined with the latest in technology, as the line uses some of the components of our new PEGASUS and TAURUS lines, such as the sputtering and UV curing modules. The system is easy to use, with touch screen controls, and provides easy access for maintenance.”

Details of the new line, which will be introduced at the September’s Replication Expo in China, include:
  • Chilling by a uniform air flow across rotating discs ensures optimum cooling of the substrate
  • Central handling system with servo-driven robotics transfers discs quickly and accurately between all process stations
  • UV curing is carried out without disc rotation for uniform curing over the complete disc
  • Inline inspection is carried out by the proven and reliable STEAG ETA-Optik scanner
  • Long target lifetime and simple target and mask changes keep downtime to a minimum
Dr Stefan Reineck, CEO of STEAG HamaTech, says, “Our company has a great deal of experience with prerecorded downstream systems. STEAG HamaTech’s very genesis was as a supplier of lacquering modules – we delivered over 800 modules that were used by many other line manufacturers.

“This is an increasingly competitive industry with very tight margins for the replicators of mature and maturing formats. Our new DELOS line satisfies all our customers’ demands: it is efficient, cost-effective, and easy to use.”
Kontakt Info: www.STEAG-HamaTech.com
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